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contemporary Art DSC00504
contemporary Modern Art Joshua Dean Wiley
Contemporary Art DSC02928


Sonny Stewart “Sweet Waters” 50539.1400 24“ x 36”
R. Owen  “Lost In Her Dreams”  26“ x 32”
Impressonist Lynn Gertenbach el-matador-glow-24-x-24[1]


modern art IMG_1836-001
modern art Jenkins watercolor
Modern Art Paolo_Cordano_Mixed_Media_on_canvas_dos_gatos_60x56

Still Life

Boris Leifer “Still Life With Apples And Cherries”  N151.12500  18“ x 28”
Sharon Rawson “All Chard Ahead” 57972.3000   30 1/2“ x 24 1/2”
still life Untitled attachment 00024


traditional 19910450-Virgil Johnson
Traditional Le Boullier  Home From The Sea  37248125013501.860

Well Known

Well known Dali Litho2-S[1]
Well known Marc Chagall struggle of Jacob
Pablo Picasso  09747  Ed 1019-1200  950

From the Vatican

from the vatican